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A fish story

Some of you may remember reading about the dreadful fish massacre that took place a few years ago while my husband and I were in transition, moving from the suburbs to our farm. Our house was pretty much vacant, but when I stopped by to pick up another load of “stuff,” I went to check on our beautiful koi pond. What I found was a bloody scene of terror, with dead, brutally beaten koi strewn about our patio and yard.

Despite the generous reward PETA offered for information leading to an arrest, the neighborhood punks who perpetrated this senseless violence eluded the law.

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Katonah Museum of Art

The experience Why does the Katonah Museum of Art host 40,000 visitors every year? Let us count the ways! With its critically-acclaimed exhibitions and peaceful sculpture garden, the Museum is a worthy destination in the Hudson Valley’s scenic hamlet of Katonah. But it’s more than a mecca for adult art lovers. The Museum’s popular Learning Center offers hands-on art activities and workshops for children age 3 and up.

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